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JavaScript – A Different Beast, Part-9: Literals and JSON

Previous topic in this series: Objects without Classes

This is the ninth part of my tutorial on JavaScript. Focus of this series is to introduce developers who are comfortable with other programming languages like Java or C to the idiosyncrasies of JavaScript. Basic JavaScript knowledge is assumed, but is not necessary as the code samples are simple and self-explanatory. If you are new to JavaScript, I would suggest going through the topics below in the order given.


  1. A different beast
  2. Types and Type Conversion
  3. Functions
  4. Scopes and Scope Chain
  5. Closures
  6. Objects without Classes
  7. Inheritance without Classes
  8. Array, Map and the loop
  9. Literals and JSON (You are here)
  10. Meta-Programming, Exceptions and Module Pattern

JSON is the preferred messaging format of the web these days. JSON has its origin in the object and array literals in JavaScript. This post will discuss literals first and the move onto its textual cousing – JSON.

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