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JavaScript – A Different Beast, Part 3: Functions

Previous topic in this series: Types and Type Conversion

This is the third part of my tutorial on JavaScript. Focus of this series is to introduce developers who are comfortable with other programming languages like Java or C to the idiosyncrasies of JavaScript. Basic JavaScript knowledge is assumed, but is not necessary as the code samples are simple and self-explanatory.


  1. A different beast
  2. Types and Type Conversion
  3. Functions
  4. Scopes and Scope Chain
  5. Closures
  6. Objects without Classes
  7. Inheritance without Classes
  8. Arrays, Maps and the for..each loop
  9. Literals and JSON
  10. Dynamic Programming, Exceptions and Module Pattern

JavaScript is a functional programming language (among many other things), which means that functions are treated as first class objects. In plain-speak, it means that functions are treated just like any other value or an object. Read the rest of this entry

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